Application to the University of Michigan

The growing urge in me to join and be part of the great University of Michigan as African America living in the Michigan State has been experienced along with both love and hate, ease and difficulty, soft and hard ends with equal measure. The exemplary performance and the university’s dedication to championing an equal and just society from all angles of race, religion, and ethnicity as encompassed in its basic integral tenets and values hold the institution among the world’s greatest academia (Spill, 2009).

As a great hockey player, having advanced in this adorable game from as young as 7 years up-to now, I find the University of Michigan my most fitting and appropriate higher learning institution to nurture my talent and pursue academic excellence. This is because both sportsmanship and academic progress easily blend within the pillars holding the University of Michigan at its rightful position in the society globally.

The community of African American in the American setting has a long history of being a victim of circumstances from the time of the wake in slave trade. The unjust perception of inequality and regard of being a low being is a misconception that the University has been in the frontline to rule out and create an environment of holding a greater level of equality (Gurin, 2004).

Having been brought up in a hockey family all my entire life has instilled great virtues and values of discipline, hard-work, dedication and commitment to pursuing success as the only option left at all the life stages. I have acknowledged a diverse society as I meet and build life-long rapport with other people across walks of life. The success in the various championships have been my greatest strength and my dream to advance all these at University of Michigan is a promising hope.

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