Immigrants And The First Generation

  1. Are you treated as equal by earlier generations?

It is therefore important to note that the people in the early generations are had little or no more leisure activities and even equality and leisure and even engaging in a strike was quite a problem among the early generations. To form a precise judgement over the matter is to evaluate the various dynamics changes that have taken place that have changed the level of equality, leisure and politics as opposed to those from the first generation immigrants.

Growing up in a racial dynamic neighborhood has changed my whole view of specific values attached by the first generation immigrants. Most of them do not view me as an equal since I have a different mindset towards many things especially basing on the fact that I have interacted with many races from when I was young until the present. There are a lot of discrimination and prejudice associated with the early generations towards other races. In that case, earlier generations mostly treated us with suspicion since most of the time we did not agree or follow their various prejudices and discriminations labeled towards various people. As such, they are not traded as equal by earlier generations since most of the ideas I subscribe to are not readily accepted by them.

  1. Would you feel pressured to pledge your loyalty to a political machine?

There would be a lot of pressure to subscribe to a certain political party since most of the earlier generations subscribe to the Republican Party and want the same for me. Therefore, when I change my stand I would face many oppositions since most of the people fight for various ideals that are set forth by the political party and therefore joining another party would be like betraying the earlier generations. The earlier immigrants mostly own the ideas of the political parties and like in the civil rights movements era they had to face quite an opposition.

  1. Would you agree to engage in a strike?

I would not agree to engage in a strike since sometimes it doesn’t solve matters and may mostly be related to a certain group of people especially when take in racially. Strikes are sometimes dangerous since they involve the use of force by police especially when they are deemed by the authorities to be disturbing. Strikes tarnish the image of a person and therefore are not very beneficial in the end. I will therefore not engage in the strikes because they may lead to disturbance that will tarnish the image of an organization, a people or institutions. Most of the early generation engaged in many strikes especially in matters that are related to politics, equality and other issues that affected timelier generations. Most of the issues have been dealt with largely.

  1. Do you feel leisure opportunities are divi you social Class?

Some leisure opportunities prove to be very divisive. Some people may be better placed to have various leisure activities that I may only have in my dreams. The cost factor of the leisure activities come into play in crating disparities between various social classed, I therefore do feel that the leisure activities, though not all of them, prove to be divisive. Now the first generations can bear witness to the fact that the society has embraced various changes that have provided almost equal opportunities that have contributed more to equality even in accessing leisure places. The immigration in the United States as a result was not taken in by the earlier generations kindly (Rorabaugh et al., 2004). I had to concur with the situation and try to change it as much as possible. Everywhere I went I was viewed with suspicion especially about the signs preventing various races from accessing certain places. The previous generations did not consider as equal and thus considered us as outsiders. Many things have changed and at present, more races can sit together and deliberate peaceful on a few things which was not the case before.

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