APU COMM200 Speech Outline Assignment Instructions

Write an outline in complete sentence form. Include a thesis statement (which may be spoken);

  • a purpose statement, indicating the response from the audience you wish to achieve (which is not usually spoken)
  • an introduction
  • a body, including supporting evidence
  • transitionas
  • and a conclusion.

If you use outside sources in creating your speech, please include them in a bibliography.

This outline is for a 2-4 minute (and be closer to four minutes than to two) speech to inform, which may be an introduction to yourself or to a topic of interest to you or a speech in which you inform the audience about an issue important to you.This can include a process (how to do something), a place (good for a vacation), an important idea about which you feel strongly, or any other issue that you believe the audience needs to know better. If you choose to introduce yourself, please offer more than a list of job assignments or duty locations. What is that one defining moment in your life experience that would make people say, if they knew it, “Yes, that’s (your name).”

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