Introduction to Public Speaking – King’s Speech Film

The film entitled the King’s Speech is written by David Seidler in 2010. In the film, King George VI struggles to cope with a stammer and he decides to see Lionel Logue, a speech language therapist for assistance. Logue and King George VI become good friends even after his brother Edward resigns, allowing him to take over the throne. While King George VI acts as the new King, he continues to rely on Logue to assist him prepare a good speech that he would make in his first time radio broadcast on Britain’s Declaration of War on Germany in 1939 (Sadhhu, 2014).

The subject of the film therefore is Public Speaking. This clearly relates to our complex world today. This is because, King George VI recognizes that as a leader, he needs to confirm to his citizens that he can address issues affecting them, and one of the ways through which they can be convinced is through a public speech. He therefore seeks for help from a speech therapist who can assist him prepare a good speech. Our complex world today resembles the case in the film. A part from other things, modern citizens also rely on good speech from their leaders in identifying whether they can address issues affecting them. Therefore, these leaders must always strive to prepare good speeches to deliver on public gatherings, with most of them choosing to employ person assistants to assist them on this (Sadhhu, 2014).

The timing of the King’s Speech plays deliberate for an audience of today. The director of the film organizes the actors to perform in a manner that can easily and chronologically be followed by the audience. Like in the movie world of today, the audience is interested in movies where the actors have been made to act in an orderly manner, giving room for internalization of what is going on in the movie. The speed of the film would therefore be liked by many audiences watching movies in today’s world (Sadhhu, 2014).

The story in the King’s Speech is about Public Speaking in the world of politics. As demonstrated in the film, every politician will always find himself making a speech to members of the public more often. This can either be in public gatherings or in the media such as radio or television. The film tends to demonstrate the importance of preparation prior to delivering a public speech. In order to deliver an effective public speech, it is always important to rehearse in order to identify any problems in the speech. In the film, King George VI practices the speech before the actual day of the radio broadcast. This has helped him to identify problems with the speech, which has made him to consult Logue, the speech therapist. With frequent rehearsals and assistance form Logue, the King manages to deliver his speech competently. Eventually, he is applauded by members of the public based on the content of his speech (Sadhhu, 2014).

When making a public speech, the speaker must always try to remain interesting, relaxed and comfortable. In addition, he or she should ignore any mistakes made in the course of his or her speech and move on rather than stop. Again, the public speaker should make precise and an inspirational speech. King George VI in the King’s Speech is concerned about effectiveness of his speech, and he remains Logue’s friend in order to continue receiving assistance from him.

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