Artwork Display – Metropolitan Museum

Artwork display at museums has been a common phenomenon in across the world. most of the artwork display were done by the artist in the 18th and 19th century. Artwork displayed at museums have significantly improved in the 21st century because curators have intensified the collection and preservation of this artwork. Also, with the improved technology, museums have been able to determine whether the artwork is original or forged one(Smith, 2000). In the Metropolitan Museum, Muslim art from 1880 have been in display since 1910. The museums has the largest display of Muslims artwork in the western world. The visual arrangement of artwork exhibits the scholarly research in which civilization, material and style is emphasized. The young generation gets the opportunity to learn about ancient lifestyle.

The problem and constraints

            The display of these artistic work requires a large space which the museum finds it challenging to acquire. In addition, the museum requires a lot of finances in order to carry on research and collect more Muslim artwork. Recently, some of the collections were stolen and destroyed in the museums because of the extremism and wrong believes(Lindsey, 2012). Some of the people in the society belief that some of the artwork display does not support Muslim culture and virtues, thus advocating for removal from the display.


            The main objective of the display is to enable young generation to understand how the Muslim religion has evolved. Theology and psychologist use these artwork to teach young generation how the religion started and how the ancient people used to pray.

The scope

            The Metropolitan Museum focuses on the display of the Muslim artwork from the ancient time and the present work, with the main goals of making the society to acknowledge the changes that have taken place.

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