The Best Place to Work and Why – Pepsi

The management group at Pepsi is the fundamental driving force behind the company’s advancement and growth. Their major mission is to be financially stable as well as leaving a positive impact on the society. The approach towards financial performance is through increasing the shareholder value. The company’s mission is to emerge as the world’s best consumer Products Company centered on convenient beverages and foods. The company also pursues to produce financial rewards to the investors and also provide avenues for enrichment and growth to our business partners, employees and communities in which we work.  And above all the company strives for fairness, honesty and integrity.

Organizational behavior is the study of what people feel, think and do in and around the company or organization. Pepsi Company has been embracing organizational behavior since its establishment and that has been the reason for its success in the global market. Understanding organizational behavior is very significant for managers.  This is because of few dramatic variations taking place in the Pepsi Company. For example the company has had most of their employees getting older, more women and other races forming a vital part of the workplace.  This has challenged the company in the global market since global competition needs employees who are young and more flexible to learn and to cope with rapid change (Porter, 2008). Hence it’s very significant for any manager of an organization to use the concept of organization behavior. Basing on globalization, Pepsi Company has been working beyond the borders. This has brought the company magnificent revenues of about 75% from the sales done outside the United States of America. In other words, this shows how the world has become a global village and so mangers should be capable of working with a wide range of people and with people from different cultures.

Globalization comes about as result of a company extending its activities to other parts of the world. Globalization has had a significant effect in managing people in the company in two ways (Wernerfelt, 1984). First and foremost, there have been transfers of managers from one location to another. This has been very challenging for the mangers since aspirations, workforce needs, and attitudes differ greatly from that of the previous work station. Secondly, mangers who have been working within United States of America have been finding it quite challenging working with their peers, bosses and other employees who were brought and raised from diverse cultures. This is because what inspires you may not inspire them. Though communication style may seem to be open and clear, they may take it as threatening and uncomfortable.

There has also been changing workforce in the Pepsi Company. The company has employees from diverse backgrounds. The company has experienced a multi-cultural workforce due to the country’s demographic variety. Categories like age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and physical mental qualities represent personal traits which affect a person’s self-identity and socialization. Diverse workforce is essential in Pepsi Company since it provides highly improved customer service to the global market place. This is why the Pepsi’s products are highly cherished by consumers because of different cultures of individuals developing it. Workforce diversity has also brought challenges like; women representing a large part of workforce since 2001 but is underrepresented in high positions in the company.

Most companies in the United States do experience stiff competition in the global market place from countries like Japan and Europe. Among these companies is Pepsi Company. Despite the stiff competition, Pepsi still thrive in the global market because of the competitive spirit it has and by no means lose sight of doing the best for its customers. The company feels that if it does what is right for its customers, the customers will extend the same to the company. Getting to know what the customers need and expect from the company is the key to distributing the products to those particular customers.

Due to numerous changes taking place in the society, most of the people prefer products which can easily be accessed, products that can add value to their well-being and products that are affordable (Kotler, 1997). To this regard, Pepsi has been compelled to venture in technological innovations so as to meet and satisfy their customers’ demands and also enhance their competitiveness in the world of technology. Pepsi Company being a producer of soft drinks, vitamin drinks and relaxation drinks has experienced a stiff competition from similar companies like coca cola. The company has stood the test of time due to its continued innovations in its products by making them better so as to maintain their customers in the global market.

The company established policies that make it to thrive in the global market. Pepsi Company has a belief that performing things ethically and being accountable is not only the right thing to implement in the business but it is the right thing to practice always. The major points to their code of conduct is to show respect at workplace, embrace ethics in the business, show integrity at the market place and treat the shareholders in the correct manner. If all employees adhere to these policies every time, the essential values will be met on every single day. Their planned task of enactment with determination is the background for every decision that is reached at all levels in the company.

It’s difficult to go wrong if the company takes  responsibility of caring for customers, consumers and the entire world we live in, sell the products that we can only be proud of, speak the truth, balance short term and long term objectives and respect others.

Since the world’s increasing globalization needs more relations with between countries and among people from different cultures, background and beliefs, people no longer work and stay in limited market place. They are considered to be part of the world’s economy with competition coming from almost every country. The United States of America implemented legislations that protected employers and employees from diverse communities. Diversity is now considered to be very vital in and anticipated to be even more vital as a result of increasing differences in U.S. population. Companies are obliged to center on diversity and find ways to be part of organizations simply because diversity has the likelihood of yielding productivity in a great way. Federal and state equal opportunity legislation makes discrimination at workplace an illegal act. The laws specify the responsibilities and rights of both employer and employees at workplace and hold both groups accountable.

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