Patriot and British Strengths and Weaknesses When Revolution Began

The British had the best military in the world and could obtain enforcements to help it deal with any war. The British had the resources to bring in more enforcements should there be a deficit in the military units. The military had modern weapons that were enough to fight the any disturbance or war that would arise any place the British failed in the war since they did not bring any reinforcements that would have countered the attacks by the American army and most of the time their supplies took long to reach the army (Neimeyer, 2007). The British army made the lousy decision of employing Hessian mercenaries who were not as trained as the British were and did not have many advantages over the determination of the local American militias.

The Americans were patriotic and wanted independence from the British rule. The American’s primary aim was to fight for freedom, and they had made it their resolve notwithstanding the British opposition. The British did not envision that the civil unrest would get out of hand. They commanders did not plan for the surprise they were to get especially later when the Americans under the General George Washington who was one of the military leaders defeated them.

The French were of great help to Americans in defeating the British (Abnett, 2007). They work with George Washington by using their navy and ground troops the push the British far away into the international waters. The French army and navy helped significantly to push the British further from the control they had on the American waters. George with the help of the French fought the British and forced them to leave America. The additional military aid of France contributed significantly to the revolution that took place later where America gained independence over the British.

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