Bill Gates Leadership Styles Essay

Bill Gates has had success in the computing world and is a leader that I will focus on this paper. His achievements are great especially in technology and its advancement together with the work of charity globally. He has significantly defined leadership in that he is one of the most successful businesspersons having a large enterprise, which he left to manage the Melissa and Bill Gates Foundation, which is one of the largest Charity foundations in the world. As a successful entrepreneur cum billionaire, he helped his company grow towards being one of the successful companies associated with computer devices. He helped groom his organization by used tough tactics in his meetings and ensuring that the managers were doing their jobs. Any great organization has great leadership because the leader focuses on the where the company is going and collaborates with other people on the various decisions that need to be made to reach there (Du et al., 2013). Bill Gates as a leader has been at the center of the success of Microsoft Corporation. He had driven his managers in making decisions that had been instrumental in the success of the corporation and had mostly not stagnated when failures occurred.

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He helped revolutionize the computing industry and further provide operating systems that have been used in many computing devices produced by other companies like Dell, Hewlett, and Packard, IBM, Toshiba, Acer among many others. As such, he has influenced the way computers are made and as a leader, he has shown dynamism and learning capabilities in case of failures or competition from firms like Apple, which is a major competitor to Microsoft.  He helped come up with foundational programs in computers like MS-DOS and Basic. Bill Gates in his ventures in computer inventions and innovations has created many devices that have changed the computing industry largely. Bill Gates as a leader has exhibited great passion and steadfastness in pursuing his goals in the computing industry. He is a leader who mostly learns from his mistakes and does not look at failures as obstacles but as challenges. Therefore, he has shown himself to a person who is ready to learn from mistakes and make the best out of them. As such he has taken the failures to be stepping-stones and eye-openers to other ways that he can use to win over the market. Bill Gates usually looks at  the future in close to ten years and not in two years, as such he does not overestimate short changes that are short term but he looks at a wider picture. Gates engages in charity events throughout the world where he helps needy communicates through his Melissa and Gates Foundation. Gates is thus a unique leader who has the people’s interest at hearth and focuses on ways he can improve their lives through the various devices his company makes and sharing of information to benefit others.

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Bill Gates is a transformational leader who mostly looks out for the best in his employees (Avolio & Yammarino, 2013). He has led the Microsoft Corporation into success especially in inputting various strategies that drive the employees towards exploiting their potential to their maximum. As such Bill Gates has invested in increasing the potential of his workforce while at the same time ensuring that the products made suit the needs of the customers. Bill Gates was from a family that greatly encouraged him to be independent in his thoughts and the autonomy to pursue what he wanted in life. As such, from his young age, leadership traits were inculcated in him, and he had the foresight to pursue his passion for computers, which has greatly benefited him and the world in general. The passion helped him not to give up in times of adversity and therefore as a leader, he has weathered many storms. Having a passion as a leader significantly contributes to the success of achieving success especially when employees are included in helping achieve the success.

Bill Gates as a leader had excellent qualities in his leadership establishing in interpreting, analyzing and being competent at the same time in his business ventures. Bill Gates had great analytical and interpretative capabilities that greatly helped him come up with various innovations in computing. Technology is quite a frustrating filed since one has to be up to date with the changes taking place. Bill Gates has ensured that he is up to date with the various changes in globally and further ensuring that he does not lag behind in making products that fit the market at present and especially in this modern times.

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Bill Gates though distant to his workforce mostly uses a lot of time to meet with the senior managers. He is mostly reprehensive towards his managers and usually analyzes the various loopholes in their different departments. As such, he is mostly reprimanding to his workforce and uses this tactic to get things done the right. He mostly wants people who are thinking progressively and who will help him achieve a certain goal. As such, he is a leader who is mostly result oriented and is usually frustrated by, care decisions that put the operations and goals of business at risk (Chhokar et al., 2013). He is thus a leader who analyzes the various strategies that his managers have and points out flaws in a way that may not be acceptable to the managers. Therefore, the managers in meeting Gates usually have to ensure they have clear-cut strategies to help in building their departments to achieve success. Therefore, when he sees any flaw he clearly points them out and thus prompts the managers to think through their strategies. Bill Gates is, therefore, a transformational and charismatic leader who is result driven and handles the subordinates through their managers focusing on their results.

Therefore as a leader, I have mostly subscribed to the transformational theory where I concentrate on improving others and ensuring that they can be self-driven in their endeavors.  As such, I have learned a lot from Bill Gates, who is mostly result oriented and therefore in any decision he makes he focuses on the end goals that are mostly to satisfy the end user who is the customer. As a leader, therefore, one has to direct the followers and empower towards realizing the great potential for the success of the business. My leadership is to focus more on my strengths while at the same time looking back on my weaknesses especially where I have been overconfident and required that my subordinates’ measure up to the company’s goals (Daft, 2014). I will take a more participative approach to leadership to ensure that it works with my subordinates and not work aloof from them.

I have learned that my focus as a leader should not be myopic but a comprehensive vision of more than five to ten years. With that in mind, I will work on steps that will help utilize my potential, especially as a leader to meet the various stated objectives. As a leader, I look towards being steadfast and ensuring that I have a plan in place together with the strategies that will help me gets there. Therefore, one can learn from others what leadership entails and, in this case, Bill Gates has faced many situations that have required important decisions and in the end, he has eventually won.

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