Binge Drinking Among College Students and Its Solution

The most controversial issue to be addressed in this case is binge drinking among college students. Binge drinking among drinking has turn to be a great problem and it seems to be increasing despite of great effort to counter it. Regardless of decades of research, huge campus task forces as well as investment of millions in bold experiments, drinking among college students in the US remains a huge problem in the society. According to Mcmurtrie (2014) report, as reported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, over 1800 students die annually due to alcohol-associated causes. More 600000 students are injured when drunk, and about 100000 turn to be victims of alcohol-initiated sexual assaults. One student in every four students claims that their academic performance went down due to drinking.

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The rate of binge drinking among college students has drifted to more than 40% in a period of 20 years, and it seems that partying rate is increasing. More college students are currently drinking to be drunk and they normally opt for hard liquor rather than beer. They normally start drinking prior to social events. It has been established that the goal of most of them is to black out. Drinking has turned to be the central thing to expectations of college students, and they can fight for it since they consider it as a basic right. A good example for this situation is the labeling of Syracuse University as police state by outraged students,  after the university was named as number one party school national wide by the Princeton Review, and the school tried to constrain a huge outdoor gathering as a measure.

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Binge drinking among college students is a major problem in the United States. According to Student Monitor survey as reported by Jacobs (2014), binge drinking is ranked 3rd among the problems students experience in campus and drunk driving was ranked as the 8th problem as shown below:

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The most disturbing thing is that there is no any clear reason as to why curbing binge drinking among college students has not been successful, despite the use of money and effort to impact what has already been marked as a public-health crisis by the experts. There is already enough information regarding the problem since there have been a number of researches regarding this problem. Various studies illustrates exactly how, where, when and why students drink. A number of them have also indicated effective prevention and intervention strategies. The entire alcohol industry has taken the initiative of enlightening the students on the dangers of alcohol abuse. However, despite all this, the problem still persists and it may even be getting worse. More and more students are dying or destroying their life due to binge drinking during their college lifetime. In this regard something ought to be done.

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Although previous measures of curbing binge drinking have not demonstrated any positive outcome, the relevant authority should not just sit and watch as the problem escalates. Educating students on the dangerous effects of drinking has not reduced the problem in any away. In this regard, I would advocate for a collective intervention measure where all individuals involved in students matter should work in collaboration to address the problem. They include parents, religious bodies, NGO, Schools management and administration as well as the government. More engaging activities should be introduced to occupy students’ time during free time. To encourage more students to participate, the government should consider involving students in other social and leisure activities and reward them for their participation. The universities should work with NGO, and religious bodies to influence the students positively. Parents should take the responsibility of guiding and nurturing the children even at this old age to protect them from peer influence. A collaborative effort may demonstrate considerable influence to the problem.

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