Factors In Favor of and Against – Underage drinking : Matrix And Essay

Underage drinking: Lowering the legal drinking age in the United States.

Part 1: Matrix


Strength of the Argument

(1- strongest,

6 – weakest)

Reasons For

Reasons Against

1  Age restriction makes drinking cool , thereby making youths abuse alcohol to poisonous levels The age should not be lowered because alcohol consumption at tender age interferes with the development of the brain
2 Underage drinkers engage in covert drinking making it difficult for parents to know the kids who are dealing with alcohol related problems. It becomes difficult for parents to help such children If the age is lowered then definitely the number of underage drinkers will be on the rise
3 The youths engage in drunk driving after consuming alcohol thereby risking their own lives as well as those of other road users Underage drinking will increase the number of irresponsible behavior such as increased sexual activities and alcohol poisoning
4 If the youths are allowed to make other choices, then they should also be allowed to drink alcohol The age should be lowered because the number of accidents caused by drunk driving will be on the rise
5 Creating age restrictions makes the teenagers drink too much within a very short period in hidden places. This can be extremely dangerous because it can lead to poisoning The age should not be lowered because the kids will be faced with lifelong alcohol problems
6 The youths should be allowed to drink because they still do so even though it is illegal Drinking age should not be lowered because it will lead to binge drinking


Part 2: Essay

Alcohol consumption among young teenagers has been a problem for Americans for a very long period. In the recent past, college presidents have been very vocal in trying to address the issue of underage drinking especially for the youths who begin to do so even before progressing to college. According to a survey that was done in 2008, 77% of high school seniors admitted to have used alcohol within the past year. Similarly, 60% of those who were interviewed admitted that they had used alcohol for the last 30 days. The same case applied to 42% of those who admitted to have been engaged in binge drinking two weeks before the survey was done. The survey statistics should be something to worry about if the society wants to protect and create a stable generation for the future. One of the arguments that has been debated repeatedly is the issue of lowering the legal drinking age in America so as to be able to reduce the numbers. There are those who are for the argument while on the flipside there are those who are against the issue of lowering the legal drinking age. Arguments on both sides of the coin will be discussed separately as follows:

Pros for lowering drinking age

There are those who argue that the age should be lowered because the teens are still drinking alcohol despite the act being illegal. The argument here is that the laws in the book are not being implemented effectively. Moreover, it is also argued that the teenagers do break the law at will because they know that the community at large does not care so much about that.

Secondly the age should be lowered to reduce covert drinking which makes it difficult for parents to know the children who have alcoholic problems.

The age should also be lowered because underage drinkers take excess alcohol within a very short period for fear of being caught. Such drinking behaviors can be very dangerous to their health because it can easily lead to poisoning.

Another reason is that the teens drink in hidden places and thereafter engage in drunk driving because of the fear of calling home that they cannot drive. Once they take on the wheels while under the influence of alcohol, chances of crashing increases.

Finally it is argue that lowering the age will not solve the problem of dealing with alcohol abuse among college students who are already drinking legally within their campuses.

Cons for lowering drinking age

Alcohol should not be taken by underage children because it interferes with their brains development process.

The age should not be lowered because by doing so, the number of those who will be engaged in drinking will constantly be on the rise, and history documents that.

Lowering the drinking age would create a ripple effect such as an increase in the number of unwanted sexual activities and other forms of violence. Additionally, cases of alcohol poisoning will also be on the rise.

Drinking age should not be lowered because chances are high that the kids will be faced with lifelong alcohol problems.

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