Biography on William Faulkner Detailing how the Bible has influenced his Work

Faulkner was an acclaimed writer of fiction and his stories are and were quite captivating. He was born in 1897, September, 25. Faulkner as a writer grew up in a religious family that created most of his biblical beliefs, which he would later use in his books especially fiction. His earlier life as a child showed the extent to which he was supposed to understand the Bible especially the recitation of verses at dinnertime. Therefore having read the stories in the Bible he uses the same flow in the Bible stories in his writings.

He used most of the ideologies in the Bible to form part of the characters in his stories. The names of his works like ‘Biblical David’, ‘Go down, Moses’, ‘Absalom, Absalom!’ indicate some of the names found in the Bible (Schippe & Stetson, 2006, p. 24). Therefore, the Bible inspired much of his thinking in making up many of the characters. For example, the family in Absalom is similar to that of David in the Bible. He uses part of the old and new testaments in his writings. He depicts various characters in his novels as those of the Bible especially the Pharisees, Samaritans, and zealots. As a result, much of the works of Faulkner have greatly been influenced by his earlier childhood in the reading of the Bible and the memorization of the scriptures.

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