Biography on William Shakespeare And how the Bible has influenced his work


William Shakespeare was a distinguished writer who authored many works in the literature that are still relevant up to date. He wrote many works of literature that shook the whole literature world and provided a basis for learning from other writers. Tyndale was instrumental in the writings of Shakespeare, especially in his writing. The writing of Shakespeare had biblical references from some of the 42 books in the Bible (Dobson & Wells, 2011, p. 45). Shakespeare gets his scriptural references from the both books in the old and new testaments. He quotes more from the Bible from the Bible especially the Geneva version. An approximation of the number of biblical references is 1200. Shakespeare refers from the book of Psalms more than the other books like Matthew and job.

The religious side of Shakespeare can be traced to the Mountjoys who were a religious people and recited scripture in their homes. Shakespeare lived with the family for some time and may have learnt the bible when he was with them. Another school of thought is that Shakespeare would learn much from the Bible when he took part in its translation while in school. Shakespeare quotes much from the Bible in one of his books called Hamlet. Shakespeare thus uses various quotes from the bible in the characters he uses in the different books. Therefore, his upbringing made him use some of the scriptures in his writings and even in forming his characters.

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