AIP107 Introduction to Politics – Critical Reflection Briefing Paper Instructions

Write a fully referenced critical reflective briefing paper of 1500 words on one of the following Australian political institutions:

  • The Senate
  • The House of Representatives
  • Executive government
  • The Monarchy
  • The federal system
  • The High Court
  • The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
  • The Fair Work Commission
  • The Productivity Commission
  • The Reserve Bank of Australia
  • The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
  • The (former) Climate Commission
  • Compulsory voting
  • The welfare state
  • Self-determination for Indigenous Australians

Your briefing paper must include:

  • Your name and student number – not included in the word count
  • The institution you are writing on stated clearly on the first page
  • An explanation of the purpose the institution is supposed to serve and brief history of its development (approximately 200 words).
  • Summarise the main arguments in favour of the institution (approximately 400 words).
  • Summarise the main arguments against the institution (approximately 400 words).

Provide a set of recommendations for reform of the institution and their rationale. You may argue that your chosen institution works well and therefore needs no or only minor reforms or you may argue that it requires significant reforms or abolition (approximately 500 words). A correctly formatted bibliography containing at least 8 academic sources that you have consulted to formulate your argument – not included the word count

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