American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009) and its effect on American Indians

Your task is to research federal legislation that has had significant political, economic and/or social impact on Indian communities. You will familiarize yourself with the history and philosophical underpinning of the legislation and be able to articulate implications for tribes, as well as provide insight to lessons learned for future policy development.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (2009)

5 Primary Sources please – all internet based please


I. Summary: Give a summary of the legislation. Offer a preview of the analysis and insight you intend to explore.
II. Background: Provide a history of the legislation. Trace the evolution of the measure as it goes from idea to bill to law. What was the core issue? Who were the policymakers involved? How were tribes included in the crafting of the bill? When was it passed?
III. Rationale: What is the philosophical underpinning of this legislation? What are the goals and intentions of the policymakers who crafted the bill? What are the expected outcomes?
IV. Results: Discuss the impact that the legislation has/had on individual tribal members, Indian communities and/or Indian government. Include at least 1 example. If there were subsequent amendments, provisions or changes to the initial legislation, discuss them in this section.
V. Implications: Offer your analysis of what is interesting, important, damaging and/or helpful about this legislation. Discuss why you chose this measure as one with profound impact on Indian Country. What lessons can be learned from this situation for future federal Indian policymaking decisions?

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