Current State of Union Relations in the U.S Airlines Industry

Labor Laws, Unionization, and the Workplace Assignment Instructions

Give a brief summary of the current state of union relations in the airlines industry in the U.S. Then, please answer the following in your well organized 4-5 page paper:

If Mr. DeMaura is correct in his editorial, why would the American Airlines’ Allied Pilots Association (ALPA) risk the future of American Airlines with their union demands?

Using additional research about unionization in the U.S. airline industry, and American Airlines in particular, update where we are today with American’s situation. How do the recent updates that you have found affect American Airlines employees? Are other U.S. airlines also in jeopardy because of labor demands?

In your educated opinion (supported by your research) are changes needed in labor laws in the U.S. to help stop unions from hurting business?

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