GoPro Case Study Questions

  1. Who is Nick Woodman and why did he start GoPro?  Describe Woodman’s characteristics as an entrepreneur?  How did Nick get started in the business?  Who gave Woodman the capital to do the start-up?  What were the initial challenges that Woodman had to overcome?
  2. How’s business for GoPro? What are the company’s annual revenues? Is the company profitable?  How do you know?  What new product development is the company counting on to increase sales revenue?  What $$ range does the stock trade? Which stock exchange(s) trade the company’s shares?
  3. What’s driving slower growth of GoPro’s business going forward? What does GoPro sell?  Who is GoPro’s targeted customer?  Why does GoPro have such a strong brand identity?  How is Woodman and his team leveraging customer “experiences?”  What part is social media playing in GoPro’s growth?  How has competition hurt GoPro’s growth?
  4. What principles of entrepreneurship does Nick Woodman use to run his business? What business success “lessons” have profoundly shaped the leadership style of Nick Woodman?  Why would you want to read his book “From Rock Bottom to Billionaire?”  What advice does he offer aspiring entrepreneurs?
  5. How has the success of GroPro encouraged you to learn more about business & entrepreneurship? What are your short & long term career goals?  How will your career goals be supported by your academic major and course of study at IUPUI / Kelley School of Business?  What success characteristics do you need to develop?
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