The Purpose Of Training Needs Assessment

There is often a gap in the expected and actual levels of performances. To bridge the gap in the performance, the training needs assessment (TNA) is conducted to identify the employees that need training and the kind of training to be offered. The main purpose of training needs assessment is to identify the employees who need training and the type of training they need (DeSimone, Werner, DeSimone, & L, 2008). The main reason for conducting training needs assessment is to eliminate the chances of offering training to those who do not need, since it is costly and counterproductive.

Training needs assessments (TNA) can be classified as reactive or proactive. A reactive TNA is used when the problem is obvious, thus necessitating the need for training to correct the specific problem. In contrast, proactive TNA is used when the workforce weaknesses are not known, thus helping to indicate where training is needed. Proactive training needs assessment is best when new processes or techniques are to be introduced to employees.

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