Borrowed Theories In Mental Health Diagnosis

Borrowed theory plays a major role in guiding nursing research to be able to establish their own unique strategies to handle nursing problems. Most of nursing aspects borrowed their operational framework from other social, psychological, education, and philosophy among other sources. Borrowed theory has highly been employed in mental care where most mental conditions are diagnosed by evaluating individual behaviors. Individual behaviors which include verbal, figurative, locomotive, and response among others are used to determined individual intellectual ability. The individual behaviors theories are theories coined from sociological fields. It also includes education theory to evaluate individual learning ability among others. In this regard, it would be very hard to handle mental diagnosis without employing these behavioral based theories that are borrowed from other fields that include psychology (McEwen & Wills, 2011, p.74).

Theory integration or combination has played a great role in ensuring that effect diagnoses are done in mental health. In this regard, medical practitioners would have had a hard time in defining the best way to diagnose mental issues without borrowing some operation framework from psychology, sociology and education among others. Although may be a solution could have already been established, it would have not been possible without having basic knowledge on how normal people behave or the standard ways of behaving in different conditions,  information that can only been established from sociology. The contribution of theory integration or borrowing in nursing and other medical operations is an aspect that will retain its credit forever. It has highly enabled effective operations indifferent medical operations especially in mental health where diagnosis highly depends on studying variation in individual behaviors from the normal behavior. Thus, its lack could have made it hard to identify the most effective mental health diagnosis measures (Morrison, 2009, p. 35).

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