Impact of Mid-Range Nursing Theory on Healthcare Organization

Impact of Transitional Nursing Theory on Healthcare Organization – Sample Paper 1

One of the mid-Range theories that can be applied in nursing leadership is transitional theory. Mid-range transition theory tries to attend and describe the interactions between patients and nurses, proposing that nurses are concerned with people’s experience as they go through transitions whenever well-being and health are the desired outcome (McEwen & Wills, 2014, p.236). Although the theory was created to address the relation between nurses and their patients, it can also be used to address the relation between leaders and followers. According to (Jblearing, n.a., p.59), the theory denotes a change in role abilities, exceptions, or relationships. Transitioning to a novel role refers to acquiring abilities, skills and knowledge, which may vary from the ones employed in a clinical role (Jblearing, n.a., p.56). It can be used to change any aspect of leadership in the organization which include the organization culture, division of work, interaction or collaboration among workers or different departments in the healthcare environment.

Transition can be based on the organization development were a certain transitional framework is employed to enhance successful transition. This can be either involve the employment of change to solve a leadership, systemic or operation procedure or operation that was previously used to a new one that is believed to be probable to produce the best outcome (Meleis, 2010, p. 56). Transition theory can be employed to introduce a new ways to enhance staff performance in an organization. This will involve the development of a model which will denote the current situation and the future anticipated situation. The nursing leaders will then develop a framework on how to change various aspects such as the organization culture, the organization communication system, information sharing, form of storing and retrieving patient information, interaction between health practitioners of different category to enhance the organization performs. This will eventually allow the organization to successful achieve their anticipated leadership objectives.

Adam’s Conceptual Model Nursing Theory Impact upon Healthcare Organization – Sample Paper 2

A mid-range theory in nursing is an approach to sociological theorizing focused on assimilating theory and empirical research. In the nursing field, several middle-range theories are required so as to cope with the entire phenomena contained in a conceptual model since each approach takes care of only some degree of the absolute reality covered by a theoretical model. Every conceptual model, therefore, is more fully spelled out by several middle-range theories.

Mid-range theories get applied in many instances in the field of nursing. In fact, they get applied by nurse leaders or nurse managers in dealing with administrative issues. In reality, all nurses are leaders who employ entrepreneurship, creative decision making, and life-long learning to produce a work environment that is cost-effective, efficient and committed to quality care.

An example of a mid-range theory that nurse leaders and nurse managers can use to deal with administrative issues is Adam’s conceptual model.   Adam came up with the theory, and he believes that a theory can get employed in more than one discipline. However, a conceptual model for a subject applies to that particular discipline (Fitzpatrick, & Whall, 2005). A conceptual model consists of beliefs, assumptions, and values, and other major units.

By this model, the goal of nursing for nurse managers and leaders is maintaining or restoring the client’s independence in the satisfaction of their fundamental needs. Each need has physiological, biological, and psychosocial aspects. The nurse supplements and complements the client’s knowledge, strength, and will. Resultantly, if this theory gets strictly employed, then crisis can be avoided especially when it comes to staff performance.

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