Nursing Theory as Framework for Education – Dorothea Orem Self Care Theory

Nursing Theory as Framework for Education

If I was planning a new undergraduate nursing program, the nursing theory that I would incorporate into the curriculum would be:

Self-care Theory

The Dorothea Orem’s model of self-care focuses on the ability of every individual to perform self-care. The self-care theory encompasses the practice of activities which an individual initiates and performs on his/her own behalf in order to maintain health, life and well-being. Orem views health as a state characterized by wholeness of the developed human structures and of mental and bodily functioning. Incorporating the self-care theory in the curriculum would ensure that we acknowledge that individuals should self-reliant and should take responsibility of their own health and the health of others (Meleis, 2011, pp. 279). That is, individuals have the capacity to take care of themselves and even care for their dependents. Additionally, it is necessary for a person to have the knowledge of potential health problems in order to promote self-care behavior and that knowledge would be provided only and only if the self-care theory has its content deeply rooted in the curriculum.

Strategies for use of relevant nursing theories

Understanding of the nursing legal language

It is important for the nurses to know what is expected of them in order to ensure that they are in control of their profession and to be advocates for their patients. They need to read and understand the legal language for them to analyze how the language could affect their practice and conversely their patients. This strategy would ensure that the nurses are practicing within their expected scope and giving the best to their patients as a result of applying the relevant nursing theories.

Embracing a culture of nurse leader responsibility

The professional organizations and the nursing leaders become responsible for the creation of cultures that give support to the acts of courage in nursing. They should advocate for creating a healthful work environment which support moral courage by identifying the principles and elements for nurse leaders to integrate into the member organizations (Parker & Smith, 2010. pp. 328). Leaders who demonstrate courage exhibit expertise, competence, credibility, and visibility.

The strategies for use of theory as the basis for actions of advanced nursing practice in leadership and education would include:

First, there should be a heuristic framework that joins the respective nursing theoryto some specific state or an action which is desired or should be taken.

Secondly, the organization or the nursing leaders should articulate how to go form skeleton, within an anatomic analogy, to a physiological state that actually makes the change occur, and could include a number of different interventions (Mc Ewn& Wills, 2014, pp. 406).






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