Summary of Introduction to Nursing Research by Carol Boswell and Sharon Cannon

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the Carnegie Report Future of the Nursing Report outline the essential improvements to nursing that are paramount for the advancement of health care. The Carol and Sharon’s research study that incorporates such reports, together with the new health bill that the Congress passed is a reflection of a very strong movement in the implementation of an effective teaching and concurrently managing evidence to ensure that the health issues in United States are appropriately managed (Boswell & Cannon, 2014, pp. 246).As a result of this, the demand for a text which creates the link between research and evidence-based practice is greater than ever.

The articles chapter on “Critique Process” presents no theoretical/ conceptual framework to the imperative aspects that a nurse should be able to critically assess a report. Nurses must critically assess research studies in order to determine the appropriateness of such application to their practice. There has been a shift from criticism to analysis which has provided a more positive approach to examining the usefulness of the scientific data generated.

Boswell and Cannon (2014) argues that a research critique is a mechanism towards providing feedback for improvement. Moreover, they give suggestion that nurses who can critically review a study hugely contribute to the body of nursing knowledge.

The consequence that can arise from the absence of a guiding framework or theory is that the research can lose its scope and thus doesn’t effectively give the correct results on the intended field of study (Mc Ewn& Wills, 2014, pp. 371). This is because a guiding framework or theory outlines a thoughtful map or plan in which the research study should be conducted upon. For instance, when one plans for a journey in unfamiliar country, he/she seeks as much knowledge as he/she could about the best way to travel, use previous experience and accounts of other people who have been in the journey. This will enable him/her to ascertain expectations, abilities and equipment which may be useful to the journey and ensure good outcomes to meet the pre-set objectives.














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