Application of Nursing Theory to Administrative Practice Arena – Roy Theory

Application of Roy Nursing Theory to Administrative Practice Arena

The selected theory in this case is Roy theory.  Roy seeks to employ this theory in nursing intervention. According to Roy an individual adapts to environment via four modes that include interdependence, role mastery, as well as physiologic needs as well as self-concept and processes.  According to the theory, the nursing goal is to help the patient to adapt to the health condition (disease) to be able to react to other stimuli. The patient is evaluated for negative or positive behaviors in four adaptive modes stated above (McEwen & Wills, 2014, p. 155).

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Roy theory was created with patient care delivery in mind. It is directed toward patients care as persons. The model guides on how to assist a patient to adopt into the new condition and to accept it. This assist in the intervention techniques since it is easy to actively involve the patient in acquiring more knowledge on the condition, learning on the personal care to improve the situation and collaborating in all other medical interventions. After accepting the condition, it becomes easy to interact with the patient and understand the patient psychological needs and thus, making it easy to address these needs. All these interventions enhance patient care delivery (Swansburg & Swansburg, 2002, p. 228).

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Roy model also contains the ability to be adapted in the practitioner management. In this regard an organization can use Roy model to enhance level of clinical practice or to build a management model. By accepting that a person is an adaptive system, organization can develop new policies and make the staffs accept them by showing them their importance. The management should then create a work environment that would stimulate the adaptation of these policies. Just like patients adapt to their situation and work to enhance their well-being, the model can be adopted to make staffs accept the new changes and they work toward fulfilling the new requirement to reduce or avoid conflicts with the management. This eventually changes to be the organization norm (Swansburg, 1996, p. 229).

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