Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management Sample Paper

Business refers to an institutionthat is well organized in terms of supplying goods and services to the customers, in most cases, they aim at maximizing profits. Thescope of the business involves the distribution and production of goods and services used inearning a living. Theworld of business comprises of industries, banking and even the transport sector.

In the recent years ,business environment has experienced a numberchallenges  especially when handling  largedatainformation, poor data storage has led to poor market demand for the produced goods, the use of the system has contributed immensely to the quality services ,there are  more merits  which includes  efficiency in the achievementsoforganizationgoals.(Ballard,2006).Forinstancethe system is helpful when the business  data is wellorganized hence developing   a good foundation  for market strategy, here the link between the  intelligent system and knowledge  managementhelps in building  ad  stimulating  good behavior for reasoning. Which stimulate sustainable decision making thus provide a good base for disseminating corporate knowledge skills .

Moreover, using the system has significant value in capacity building, the  organization market and the development of the competitive provides a  quality service delivery to the customer ,the culture of handling large data using the system enables the business have a cohesive  and close contact with  the beneficiaries, The structured data  are useful when undertaking marketing  or sales  because key pointsare narrowed down to simple state which is easily understood..

The use of the system is cost effective since the employees are only empoweredto have skills on software operation where the can analyze the unstructured data to produce the main information that is required, the information that is not useful is filtered. Here the system is strictly designed to reduce work speed thus improves the performance,(Kaplan & Norton ,2001).

The use of large data in an organization helps the integration of  business to get exposed to variety of information which help innovation and  also it ensures that the enforcement  of innovation is embraced .moreover  it build the morale among the employees and  results to  business efficiency, in conclusion the intelligent management system tool  enhances the quality service delivery thus it gives an organization a good public image,business intelligence  is therefore  the priority stage in boosting the performance of the business enterprise.

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