Business Practice Considered Legal and Ethical in One Country but Illegal and Unethical in Another

Some practices that are taken for granted as standard practices in some cultures may be viewed negatively in others.

Find an example of a business practice that is considered both legal and ethical in a particular country but considered illegal and unethical in the U.S. Write a 3-4 page paper on your findings.

In your 3-4 page paper, describe the business practice in detail. Compare the views of the country you have selected with that of the U.S. regarding the business practice. Why the business practice is considered illegal and unethical in the U.S. while it is considered legal and ethical in the selected country?

As a leader of your organization, how will you deal with the difference in ethical and legal practices when transacting business with a country that has different standards? Provide a course of action and support it with rationales, examples, and references. Follow the correct APA guidelines

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