AACN Essentials of Master’s Education And CCN mission, philosophy, and MSN Program Outcomes



The various essential spelled out in the AACN that are essential to the nursing profession especially the advanced nursing practitioner at the masters’ level greatly concur with the mission, vision, values, philosophy and the program outcomes of Chamberlain College of nursing. The universities mission entails educating, emboldening and embolden of nurses to increase their professional capabilities in the advanced nursing profession. The essential spelt in the AACN are in tandem with those of CCN in the purpose in that the college aims to produce well-trained health care professionals. The mission concurs with the masters’ level essentials of nursing, population, and clinical health that form the seventh and eight essential of AACN. Another essential is informatics that is found in the masters’ program. The informatics arena provides the nursing with the needed technological knowledge that is vital for any professional as most activities in the workplace continue to embrace technology. The first and second essential is greatly spelt in the leadership and background initiatives by the college of nursing. The courses that form part of the curriculum at the nursing masters’ level concur with most essentials set forth by the AACN.

The college aims at providing a better foundation that will boost its graduates in making them ready to change the nursing profession for the better. Students in Chamberlain College of Nursing are encouraged to take leadership roles as they are taught which provides them with confidence to better their studies and become proficient professionals when they graduate. The masters’ degree father inculcates scholarship, which forms the fourth essential into practice that is relating theory to practice and thus to the real world The philosophy of the institution is further concurs with the essentials in that it determines to bring the best in the student especially in their intellectual endeavors at the school and their social life. The master degree in effect presents an all-round graduate.




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