Ethical, Social, and Political Issues that Arise with the Use of Information Systems

Information system implies to the form of software the enables an organization to analyze its data, it aids in the policy making and problem solving issues that arises in the organization. This enables an organization to effectively achieve its desired goals. The system  also helps in collection of organized system of  communication which  greatly helps in controlling the  entire process and  performance of the organization, therefore, the information system  is considered  efficient when using  formal language which it  manages and supports the action required  in the organization.

Ethical Issues in Organization

Ethics refer to the expected code of conduct in organization or any profession, in this case, people play a significant section because every system requires people who operate them..those who operate the system must abide by the expected behavior code so as to determine the success of the system, computers in this aspect  require confidentiality of its information, it contains the hardware and software which always manipulate according to he commands by the user, The role of the system  hence has extremely played a vital function in managing people in the organization, it makes people   to act in   manner required when handling  clients information in feeding to the system.

Moreover the role of ethics like being honest on matters of the organization helps in the justification on individual   decisions needed in the organization management, (Reynolds & Ceranic 2006). Morally accepted behavior make the organization system to cohesively reason and focus on intergrading the decision by virtue of promoting ethical decision within the organization.

Social Issues in Organization

According to  Turner, Barling, &  Epitropaki,(2002),Social issues is a  vital  factor that  determines the success of the organization, in this aspect, the  knowledge  that employees  have  in management has   helped in  initiating efficient socio-technical system, the mode of trying to explore variety of social structures  using the social media  helps the management to have inclusive knowledge  deficiencies that  helps them add to the organization management , the business environment  therefore  strictly needs a mutual  social agreement to  reduce obstacles  that  might be  faced, ultimately, this  approaches  ensures  long-term success of the organization which further  helps reduce the labor turnover.

Political Issues in Organization

Politics refers to  a process  of how people live together, it is   found in a democratic society, in the United States, politics  enables the American people and  organization achieve its objectives, political factor   enables the society have unity because of centralized system of  leadership, political issues  enables workers     in an organization and other non-governmental  organization  to aggregately  work together. Politics therefore enables sharing of values and ideas hence it guides the society towards achievement of their goals. ( Granitz and  Loewy,2007)

In conclusion ,the ethical parameters  issues can adversely affect   the activities of the organization  if not well managed ,for effective  purpose, well established policies  prescribes the code of conduct   required by employees, it  emphasizes avoiding cheating or stealing and other unethical behaviors  which  primarily  undermines the overall performance of the organization, there is  need therefore to emend new policies that emphasizes the employees  practice  and ethical responsibilities in all the spheres in the organization.


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