Cybercrimes Development Chronology – Hacking, Email Wiretapping, Phishing And Vishing


Hacking is has pained the computer industry in terms of security. Hacking started in the 1960s when computers were starting (Maggi, 2010). Hacking had a different purpose as it was used to improve on the performance of the computer systems. 1971 saw the rise of the blue box by MIT. The art of phreaking developed in 1972 by Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak. In 1981 the hackers association in Europe was formed. In 1984, the 2600 was published. In 1986, the law against abuse and computer fraud was passed in the US. The first hacking case was in 1989. E gold digital currency suffered phishing attacks after the September 11 attacks.

Wiretapping is involves communication interception. It started in 1997 where the FBI created the carnivore. The FBI changed from using carnivore to the private sector, which had the latest technologies in wiretapping. Wiretapping is mostly done by security agencies.

Phishing is a method that uses illegal means to get personal information of a person like financial details, passwords and usernames among others especially by disguising as trusted entities and using the information maliciously (Jakobsson & Myers, 2007). It has occurred from 1987 to date. China has been accused of phishing Gmail accounts. AOL had a problem with phishing where users could open accounts with credit numbers that were fake. AOL therefore had to fish out illegitimate accounts and leave the credible ones.

Vishing involves the use of phishing and voice to carry out malicious acts especially on the telephone in obtaining financial and personal information and using it for financial reward. Vishing uses automated voice instructions to request personal information from the person like credit card details. Vishing was detected in 2006. The vishing mostly happened on landline telephones.

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