Business Process Management And Its Use In An Organization

Business process management (BPM) is a logical technique employed to enhance performance of an enterprise by driving business agility and operational excellence. BPM is a business too used to fine-tune all components of a business so as to attain maximum performance. At first, BPM focus was to automate business processes mechanism, however, it was later extended to incorporate human driven practices wherein human interactions happens in parallel or series with the processes mechanism. The BPM currently covers how we monitor, change, identify, and study business process to guarantee they run effectively and can be enhanced with time.

Processes are managed for a number of reasons which include ensuring effective performance of the entire business. A process is executed in order to ensure effective completion of one aspect of business management. Effective management of a process ensures successful completion of a process where time, cost and scope are clearly observed. When this happens to all processes, then the business experiences efficiency in strategic management, growth and expansion in all its operation. Therefore, processes need to be management in order to reduce errors and thus ensuring a high degree of business management success (Workflow Management Coalition, n.d.).

BPM activities involve all practices that are carried out in a business. This includes duties carried out in different department to ensure effective performance of a business. Among them include financial operation processes, administrative processes, production processes. Although there are activities that are common to all businesses such as administrative management, fiancé management, human resource management among others, some other activities such as production processes may differ based on the business actual processes it is involved with. Different organizations employ different ways of managing their activities and thus BPM activities may appear different in different organization.

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