BZ380 – Ways An Enterprise System Can Provide Value For A Company

BZ380 Management Information Systems

There are several ways in which an enterprise system can be of value of a company. First of all, the enterprise system enables the management of the supply chain of an organization. This is because it enables the company to put focus on the company’s entire needs. This can include the identification of the suppliers who have the best track records in terms of on-time delivery as well as the best prices(Davenport, 2000). Secondly, it gives the organization the ability to plan.  The organization has the perfect ability to make future plans and thus budget for them effectively. It makes it able to spot the peak months as well as the ones that may need less inventory. Thus, instead of a company making a stock of identical amounts of money throughout the year, they can as well be able to cut their supply ordering to the minimum. Finally, an enterprise system enables an organization to focus their resources on the new strategies. When an organization plans to take a new course of action, they can make use of the enterprise system to make orders and track all their supplies(Davenport, 2000). This enables reduction of delays and enables focus on strategies rather than the logistics. In case the delays are inevitable, they can thus be diagnosed from afar. The enterprise system will enable the organization to know whether they can make use of supplies from other departments in the organization and thus get their strategy started.

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