How Can Employers Increase Employees’ Commitment?

Increasing Employees’ Commitment

Commitment refers to a willingness to continue in a system and reluctance to alter plans, frequently remaining to a sense of duty to remain the course. There are various ways an employer can increase workers commitment in an organization. Some of these techniques include enhancing internal promotion rather than hiring external qualified individuals, development and training, increasing compensation, and enhancing performance management.  Recruiting an existing employee for a higher position increases employees commitment and engagement. Internal promotion offers advancement and growth opportunities to workers as a reward for their loyalty. In case an organization recruits external individuals when there are qualified internal applicants, the employer might unwittingly propose to current workers that the organization is not ready to return their commitment. Consequently, the current workers might then start questioning their personal commitment to the company.

Workers commitment can also be enhanced by selecting the right individuals for the right job. When individual qualifications match the individual job, the worker is able to work more efficiently and smoothly, since the employee experiences minimal performance issues. This increases individual enjoyment while performing normal responsibilities and hence individual engagement and commitment. The employer should also create a good work environment with reasonable job performance measures and supervisions. When workers are satisfied by the assessment techniques employed by the organization, they feel more comfortable working in this particular organization and thus, they eventually become committed to the new organization.

Development and training can serve as an extra lever for improving commitment and engagement of the employees. Training for newly hired employees normally starts with orientation. Orientation introduces various significant chances that include explaining company policies, work schedules and pay. It also gives the employer the chance to introduce the new employee to other organization workers and to relate individual work to the mission of the organization. This increases individual employee ability to cope and to operate smoothly in an organization. Through training, an organization assists both current and new workers to gain skills and knowledge they require to perform their work. Moreover workers who improve their skills via training are more probable to fully engage in their work, since they derive satisfaction from become proficient at the new tasks. This increases individual output and hence individual job satisfaction and commitment (Vance, 2006).

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