Career Plan Model Sample Paper


In most organizations, promotions and appointments are based on merit and the ability of the candidate to execute the relevant duties successfully. His means that things like previous experience and training always come to matter when the appointments arise. One’s integrity and personal strengths also come to play because some positions require more than just papers and experience but a stronger mind as well. AT&T is a renowned company with a lot of employees who spearhead its operations. The company’s employees are well spread over the departments and this brings job specialization into play. Therefore, this case provides the scenario whereby the candidate’s ability is measured based on the previous performance since there has been a working relationship of fifteen years. This is to mean that the two parties know each quite well hence the process becomes simpler.

Career goal

Having been involved with the company for fifteen years, the relationship is well understood by both parties and this means that the employer understands the person and the abilities to fill in the position. Having said this, it is paramount that the five year career plan is well outlined and documented. The target career position for the five years period is to be the head of Human Resource the company. With vast experience working in different departments, the best practical knowledge and skills is what places this candidature well ahead of the rest. All the needs and the specific functions of the Human Resource department are well understood. It may not begin as the head of department on the first year, but with proper working, performance and delivery, the only way to proceed is up. This is to mean that the good performance will trigger the employ to keep giving rewards in form, of promotions until the ultimate goal is reached which is heading the department.

Knowledge, skills and abilities

To be the head of human resource, one needs to be well versed with the functions of t position holder. This is to be able to understand exactly what is expected in the job and to help in reaching the work goals both set by the company as well as self set. The training has to be relevant with the departmental needs and may include communication, management and administrative functions which come in handy in doing the duties. Having prior knowledge of the work environment is an added advantage since there is an existing relationship between all the stakeholders which is already established. The prior knowledge is essential because it gives the background information of what to expect and some of the important tips on how to deal with some issues based on what has initially worked (Rothwell, Jackson, Ressler, Jones & Brower, (2015).  Therefore, the specific requirements are the training, the experience and the personal attributed that define the candidature beyond papers and experience. These may include integrity, dedication and team player.

The KSA’s existing gaps

The current situation is that the position lacks a few of the key attributes. These are things that drive the fairness and informed leadership in any organization and include team spirit and past experience working and interaction with the rest of the staff which gives deeper knowledge about the kind of Human Resource needs that t company has. With a new energy injected through a candidate who understands the two attributed, the company will benefit through stabilization of the department’s functions and a more defined performance which saves the company a lot of time and money.

The action steps

The career plan for the next five years will therefore include first moving it to the human resource department art a junior level, which should be effected in the first year. This would allow hands on experience for the job due to interactions and first hand learning. Secondly, networking is important so that when it is time for the eventual career goal actualization, referrals and recommendations from top management as well as other departments are easily acquired. The other important thing is to get training on the task. Skills are always important and employers appreciate employees who take time to advance their training. Therefore, by enrolling and successfully completing a relevant course will be an added advantage. Next is to develop simple solutions to existing problems within the department and to present them to the management. In most cases, the management will view this in the essence of a very concerned employee who cares about the company and this will endear them to the gesture. Finally, it is importantly to make a formal application in advance and to present it to the management citing that should that position become vacant, they should put in consideration the best candidate based on their experiences (Spencer, & Harris-Bowlsbey, 2013).


In brief, the career plan is build based on the past experiences, abilities, track record against the company’s needs, and what is needed in the department especially that which has not yet been realized. The career plan provides a long term journey through the action plan designed to achieve the goals of both parties. In the end, the company will benefit from performance and delivery of quality service.

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