Challenges Facing Group Leaders

In every group, the group leader must be ready to overcome challenges that he or she might face when interacting with team members. The main challenge facing group leaders is dealing with conflict. Conflict among members of a group is often common during initial stages of group development. According to Forsyth (2014), conflict occurs in a group when other team members resist the actions and beliefs of their colleagues. Conflict may occur in a group due to various reasons such as negativity and disconnection. The success of a group depends on active participation of every all group members who must have a common goal (Corey, Corey and Haynes, 2014). When conflict occurs in a team, the group leader finds it difficult to offer the right direction and guidance. According to Jacobs et al. (2012), it is a common thing that a group leader will be faced with the challenge of managing conflict in a group because not all members of a team will fully support their colleagues’ ideas. However, the group leader must ensure that he or she achieves success.

As Jacobs et al. (2012) emphasizes, the group leader must seek participation of positive members and try to convince the negative members outside of the group in order to establish a positive tone in the group. In addition, the team leader should allow group members to discuss their feelings and concerns openly as this can help resolve conflicts that may arise and to keep the group intact. It is the responsibility of the group leader to identify factors that may cause conflict in a group. Moreover, the leader must effectively understand when and how to address the conflict in order to facilitate true participation (Forsyth, 2014).

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