What changes in the North explain why the Republicans abandoned the battle for Reconstruction?

The southerners had brought a battle for reconstruction against the northerners after becoming strong following the split of the republican’s party. However, the northerners who were the republicans abandoned the battle for reconstruction. The northern states abandoned the reconstruction battle due to several changes (Black, Black & Black, 2009). The north went through a recession in 1873. In addition, the Indian attacks in the west side had increased thus leaving the republicans with no other option other than abandoning the reconstruction battle and concentrate on security of the citizens. There was an ongoing propaganda in the north that there was an increase in racist anti-reconstruction. The republican leaders were becoming full of corruption scandals thus this renders the republicans not strong enough to continue with the battle for reconstruction thus abandoning it (Slap, 2006).

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The republicans were struck by deaths of their crucial members. The republicans were experiencing sharp divisions in their party and therefore they could no longer continue with the battle for reconstruction. The civil war which occurred scared away the republicans thus making them move in different direction. This shows that the republicans were not strong enough to carry on with the reconstruction battle, therefore they abandoned it. Some important party members of the republican movement were in support of the southern freedom. This persuaded the republicans to abandon the reconstruction battle considering their weak position at that time (Escott, 2008). Some republicans had joined forces with southern states to fight for their rights and freedom. One of the most crucial reasons that made the republicans abandon the reconstruction battle is the signing of the Amnesty Act in 1872 by President Grant that gave back Southern states their political rights.

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