Differences between Republican and Democratic Parties that may Have Ethical Impact on American People

According to (Mandel & Omorogbe, 2014) inadequate resources to meet demands and the differences in ideas, ideals and values are the major causes of ethical dilemmas in the development of the public policies.  The same differences in values, ideas and ideals can be observed in the United States longest parties, the Republican and Democratic parties. (News-Basics, 2010) points the differences in the social styles as one major difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. The democrats believe that it is the responsibility of the society to provide help to the many people who need it. However, the Republicans believe that such people are responsible for themselves and when such individuals are given a chance, they can help themselves and their families. In addition, they believe that providing for needy people makes them dependant on the society and the government.

The other difference between the two parties regards the role of the government, tax and wealth (News-Basics, 2010). The democrats believe in tax increments to fund government, progressive taxes and setting of minimum wage targets. In contrast, the Republicans believe in market determined wages and that taxes should not be increased even on the wealthy in the society.

These differences between the two party values and ideals on the way to govern create some ethical dilemmas. For instance, the Republican view of “flat taxes” raises the ethical concern of equity. The wealthy make huge annual incomes, therefore, making tax rates flat would create inequality between the rich and the poor. Although the democrats’ claim on the duty of the government to provide is ethical, it raises concerns of sustainability. Raising taxes to support the poor is not sustainable, but a good environment that promotes equal rights and access to education, grants and other financial funding should be provided to all the citizens.

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