The Value of Digital Media in the Sports and Entertainment Industry

Digital media provide an essential communication role in the entertainment and sports industry. Digital media has fostered an instant form of communication where by customers, sponsors and other sports shareholders can get instant communication at any time. This has highly been enabled by the continuing shift on mobile and online content distribution. Mobility changes the chances to involve consumers by providing instantaneous information and offering an integrated experience. Instant communication enhances the role of sport communication in building the brand reputation, attracting sponsors, in marketing, exposing the customer services provided and in building management reputation.

However, in digital media, there is very little control on the posted information and thus, the industry reputation can easily be tarnished, unlike in the previous media where the broadcasted information was thoroughly prepared. The expansion of digital media has clearly overtaken the television industry for it normally broadcast at a given time. This means most of the information given can be considered outdated based on the fact that this information reached the digital media world long before it is broadcasted. However, broadcasting industry still remain the best in capturing live games and streaming them live and thus, this still makes this industry to remain viable in entertainment and sport communication. This live broadcasting will remain viable in the industry even in the next five years (Rothschild, 2011).


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