E-commerce Evolution in the next 5 years

E-commerce will continue to grow beyond it is today. In the next five year, e-commerce popularity will have grown to all corners of the world making world a small space where people can easily shop from one continent and get their product within unimaginable period of time. More consumer shopping guidance application and aspects will be included to ensure that consumer are able to made decision and brand quality is recognized I shopping. More aspects of security especially in financial transaction will be reinforced and even direct bank transactions will be highly enabled. Social commerce, mobile commerce and e-commerce will continue growing in popularity, undermining the brink and motor business especially in appliances and other products that are not perishable and that do not require sizing. Buying and selling will highly be influenced by referral, past consumer opinion and customers rating among other thing since the social aspect will highly be embraced in products marketing and sale (Fallon, 2014).

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