Media Events that Influenced Public Opinions of a Government Agency

Media events forms one the most effective strategies that can be employed to influence political transparency. Political transparency plays a crucial role of ensuring that the citizens watch over government events and the behavior of government officials (Balkin, 1999). The media in the United States has played huge role in influencing transparency in public and government agencies. Numerous media events have occurred, which have influenced public and government opinions in positive or negative ways. The Watergate Scandal is an example of such media event that had an influence on public opinions in the country.

The Watergate Scandal and Government Response

The Watergate scandal occurred when a guard discovered some adhesive tape that had covered the latches of the doors in the Watergate Complex, Washington, DC (Finney, 2012). The guard informed the police, who started investigations and afterwards, five people were arrested for attempted burglary and conspiracy to tap illegally the offices of the Democratic National Committee.

The extended of the media coverage towards the event, later led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. The events of the Watergate scandal still echoes in the minds of the Americans, even after forty years down the line and the changed public opinion (Finney, 2012). The Watergate scandal spoiled the faith of the Americans in their government and this led to the distrust of the public servants in the United States.

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