Is Cheating Always Bad? – Sample Essay

Cheating is Defensible

Cheating is defensible. Cheating is defensible since the tribulations and trials that color human existence on earth are commonly unfair. Those without the strength to withstand the tribulations and trials cheat rightly to guarantee themselves a tomorrow. For instance, the children of abusive parents may need to remain deceitful when engaging them not to provoke them and risk being clobbered to death. There is a particular age when cheating is an avoidable element of growing up. While adults can lead their lives devoid of cheating, a young person cheats naturally as she or he finds herself or himself. The young person is in a stage in which cheating is often in getting ready for one’s latter life. For young people, cheating is often spontaneous.

In the present world, cheating is becoming more and more necessary in human relations. That is because of the actuality that more and more individuals are untrustworthy and widely unlikeable. In the biblical times of the existence of human beings in the Garden of Eden, cheating was wholly unjustifiable since everyone was liked and trusted by all. In those times, deceitfulness would not be understandable. Even then, the present world has many people who for instance lose their jobs or get alienated from their close relatives because of their truthful nature. All the political systems and economies in the present world are typified by cheating. For anyone to thrive in any of the systems or economies, one ought to play by the applicable rules faithfully, engaging in fraudulent acts or remain poverty stricken. These are stark options available to all. Everyone’s success is wholly dependent on his or her cheating proficiency.

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