CMIT 321 Executive Proposal Project

Cyber Security

Software Description

The testing software to be considered in this case is Core Impact testing software. This software helps the security system administrator to think as an attacker by validating and simulating the steps in which adversary would take to reach the most critical organization asset. The Core Impact Pro is regarded as the most inclusive solution software for testing and assessing security susceptibilities in the entire organization. The software is regarded as comprehensive since it caters for almost all security aspects of an organization information system. The software caters for the network devices and system, web services and applications, wireless networkers, mobile devices, identities and passwords, and endpoint systems. This software is supported by over 15 years of leading –edge research of security and development in commercial-grade. The software permits an organization to analyze the posture of the security by the use of the same methods used by cyber criminals today (Core Security, 2015a).

Core Impact is unique software which empowers an organization to replicate multi-staged attacks which pivot across applications, devices and systems, revealing how exploitable vulnerabilities chains open routes to the critical mission of assets and system in an organization. The system has surveillance camera susceptible testing and web services testing for mobile and web application. The system also document and demonstrate the exposures severity by replicating how an attacker would interact with and compromise susceptible systems, and enlightening data that is at risk. The software also provides a stable, updated commercial-graded exploits library and actual-world testing aptitudes. Routinely, Core software delivers over thirty new exploits as well as other updates every month. These updates are normally professionally developed and evaluated by in-house developers and researchers.

Core Impact has highly been recognized for its ability to establish various loopholes before they turn into a big problem. It enhances network penetration testing. It collects network information and develops profiles of the system. It also exploits and identifies critical application, service, device, and OS vulnerabilities. It also replicates attempts of an attacker to manipulate and access data. Core Impact also leverages systems that are compromised as positions to attack other resources of network via proxy and VPN pivots. This software system offers network defensive technologies the aptitude to recognize and halt attacks. The software also enhances client-side testing for endpoints and end users. It focuses more search engines and crawl sites for possible targeted information. It influence different templates or develop routine phishing emails. Software exploits the client-side to evaluate security of the endpoint, pivot, defenses, and assess to network tests. It enhances test of awareness of security without or with exploiting system. Other forms of testing provided by this software include password cracking and identity discovery, testing for wireless network penetration, attacks on surveillance cameras, and evaluation of web application penetration (Core Security, 2015a).

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