Comic Strip by Beano About the World Greatest Superheroes

Comic strips are drawings arranged in a sequence to display humor or a form of a narrative that is pictorial usually serialized with captions. The essence of using a comic strip to convey information is to illustrate the nature of information to the reader. Most often, comic strips present humor using pictures that relate to the context of the information it entails. Readers find it not only interesting to read comic strips but also find it easy to understand the information being conveyed.

The comic strip about the world greatest superheroes done by Beano is a story about a superman. Three characters; Batman, Robin and Wonder woman come together as team and takes on a role to apprehend a thief that steals x-ray equipment for the health care facility. The writer of the comic uses a dramatic style of drawing. Shadows and lights are the key features of his drawings and this shows some sense of reality.

Additionally, there is a relationship between images and text which is explicitly illustrated by the comic strip. Whereas the texts explains the context of the comic strip, the images illustrates the same. For example, a close up image is use for the superhero to represent the Batman by focusing on the facial expression.

The narrator uses various techniques to do the comic strip. Speech bubbles have been use to illustrate conversation between the characters and textboxes for image captions. The speech bubbles have different colors and shape to denote emotion. For example, anger is depicted in a red speech bubble and a scream bubbles indicates shouting while a jagged speech bubbles depicts cold hostility. Thought bubbles are used to show the internal thoughts of character and these are usually cloud shaped with a connection to the character using small bubbles. These bubbles are instrumental in relaying the nature of the message being conveyed and the environment in which the character exist in.

Comic strips also employ figurative speech to convey information depending on the context it is supposed to elicit. For example onomatopoeia is a word that imitates the sound produced by an object. Comic strips use this figure of speech to illustrate sound effect such as the bang of a door. The comic strip by Beano bears a couple of onomatopoeia such as the use of “BOOM” to illustrate explosion.

Comic strips are critical elements of communication because they not only provide readable information but they also enhance the understanding if the reader by bringing into perspective illustrations of the same. The use of pictorial illustrations establishes meaning to the narratives with humor that appeals to the reader. It is important to appreciate the power of images, figures of speech, colors and lighting in understanding the comic strip because they inform the basis of comic strip analysis. More often than not when a reader reads, he rarely has an idea what the writer has in mind and a perspective the character in a narrative is never provided. That is why comic strips are important elements of communication.

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