Why Did the Communication System Break Down Hours After Hurricane Katrina?

Essay Questions:

Your final work product will be a coherent essay (introduction, body paragraph and conclusion) addressing each of the following questions using the textbook material, the video and outside sources:

  1. Why did the communication system break down hours after Hurricane Katrina?
  2. How is the issue of “interoperability” dangerous to the concept of federalism and our entire system of government?
  3. What was the purpose of the Hurricane Pam exercise? List at least 3 reasons why was it unsuccessful? What lessons could have been learned, had it been completed?
  4. Discuss some of the criticisms of FEMA over the years?
  5. Who is the current director of FEMA? Is this person qualified for the position?
  6. Research some of the criticisms of President George W. Bush’s initial response to Hurricane Katrina? Were those criticisms justified after seeing this video? Why or why not?
  7. Discuss what some experts feel can be done differently next time? This requires additional research.
  8. What are the overall lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina?

Be sure to follow all formatting guidelines provided in the syllabus. Your final work product must have a cover page with a word count, an essay that is 3-4 pages in length and a works cited page. The minimum writing requirement expectation is two full pages in your own words (excluding citations). If the minimum expectations are not met, the assignment will be marked incomplete. Be sure to provide a proper citation in MLA or APA format for all works consulted on a separate works cited page.

The following activity is to be completed at the conclusion of the entire video. The video has been broken down into five smaller parts to increase the quality of the video and audio. You will need to watch the whole video to complete this activity and to get the information within its proper context. The total running time is one hour.

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