Communications and Media – Internet

Since the internet was devised, almost everyone has enjoyed the merits that come along with it. From social networking to formal communication, it has seen the integration of almost all sectors in the world economies, businesses and institutions.

I particularly utilize the internet in various ways. For instance, in my academic endeavors, I am able to carry out research easily wherever I am without necessarily going to the library. It also connects me with fellow students on a global scale who carry out discussions in online forums. What is more, I am capable to access online electronic libraries and online tutors who offer basic and auxiliary help in academics as well as other issues.

Far from scholastic utilizations, the internet has seen people receive real time updates about what has been going on all over the world. Specific websites are geared towards updating the world’s population on finances, businesses, sports, politics and even entertainment. In this way, a huge audience, including myself, have gained information on technology as well as latest advancements in communications and media.

Other exploitations include, socialization, shopping, scientific research and financial transactions. Nowadays, it is merely possible to meet new people and friends, explore their lifestyles and share social knowledge. It is also conceivable to shop in their websites, survey their online companies and even perform financial transactions with them. As a result, I have reaped the fruits of such. I no longer have to go out for window-shopping. With the internet, all I have to do is type what I am looking for and make a few clicks. I can even further make the payments on an online platform. Lastly and most important of all, the internet has enabled me establish social links due to enhanced and easy communication. Not only that, networking as a field of knowledge, has inculcated intellectual skills that are part and parcel of my education program.

Among these uses, the internet can also be used professionally. In fact, it is used professionally by various organizations and people worldwide. It all depends with the dimensions it gets employed. It is used in online banking, companies, government organizations and institutions. The internet is no longer a communication gateway as it used to be in the former years. Banks are now running online money transfers as well as other related transactions. Companies as well, for example, those that do online writing and advertising use the internet as a sole dependable platform for their operations. They also employ workers globally on the same internet policies. As for government organizations, they now advertise and place notices in the internet while alerting on tenders and operations. They also do online surveys and investigations not forgetting the collection of feedback from the public. Institutions such as Universities and schools now run their websites in facilitation of their admission programs and general awareness. They correspondingly run online learning programs which do not necessitate students to actually attend lectures in the institutions premises. Depending with the policies laid out, they either attend lectures through teleconferencing or learn by electronically-provided material in the institutions’ websites. The internet therefore provides a stage for operating professionally on an easier and more advanced scale.

With all these values of the internet, it will undoubtedly aid a lot in my future career. With its prevailing use in the communications and media field particularly, it will serve as an operational standpoint where all my activities will be pivoted upon. Networking will predominantly feature in my efforts to enhance the already existing protocols and encodes. The whole web arena will additionally keep me apprised with first-hand trend in my occupation. In all these and other ways, the internet certainly will remain a trail in my career.

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