Companies that Provide Cloud Services

­Amazon Web Service: This cloud service provider is highly scalable and offers a complete cloud platform. It is effective and highly documented since it has a seamless integration and most widespread tools. Amazon web service targets business operations and it offers cloud services at cost-effective. It is also accessible to many business enterprises in the world (Mell, & Grance, 2009). It is highly recommendable to the business enterprises that seeks open-source service and operates without internal management.

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Microsoft Azure: It is one of the commonly preferred cloud service provider after re-tooling into a cloud first. It is preferred by most of the business enterprises especially those with robust deployment, development and familiar with Microsoft products. It is not suitable to the business enterprises that operates under managed cloud and unfamiliar with Microsoft products (Zhang, et al., 2012). Analysis indicated that business that use computers that run through windows operating system prefer Microsoft Azure since it is highly compatible and easier to deploy in Microsoft office.

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Google Cloud Platform: This is the widely chosen service provider especially business enterprises that have Gmail email address. Google market their cloud service using two words: simplicity and power. Google cloud service targets developers that seeks to streamline cloud ecosystem for the purposes of deployment and development (Mell, & Grance, 2009). However, it is suitable to the business entrepreneurs that seeks to manage cloud platform and simple cloud-based tasks. Google made cloud service accessible by adding it in its applicable especially the user that have Gmail email accounts.

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IBM Cloud: This cloud service provider is known for providing cloud services that are more scalable and reliable with high-end security, therefore, it is mostly used as data storage. IBM cloud service provider targets users that seeks analytic tools, infrastructure and metal servers. However, this cloud service provider is not suitable to those users seeking minimal cloud function, simple computing and storage needs. 

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Rackspace: Although this service is seen as not recognizable as the above four, it handles many business than expected. This cloud service provider targets users with powerful managed hosting with various managed services. However, it is not recommendable to the users with interconnected IaaS and PaaS as well as complete cloud ecosystems.

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VMware: Analysis indicated that this service provider has the best 3rd party application and support. It is also considered as the gold standard in virtualization. This service provider targets users who are familiar with vSphere, ongoing testing and deployment (Zhang, et al., 2012). However, this cloud service provider does not focus on those users with simple and private computing platform and does not require virtualization.

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