Compare and Contrast Iran and the United States

Write a fully-developed essay on the relative merits of each political system using at least three of the following seven topic choices.

1.     Discuss the ideological arguments for the Iranian Theocracy and compare it to the ideology behind the more secular ideas of the American Declaration of Independence and Constitution.
2.     Describe the basic structure of the Iranian government and compare it with the American government.
3.     Compare and contrast the principles and concepts between the Iranian Constitution and the American Constitution.
4.     Compare and contrast the extent of civil liberties in Iran and the United States.
5.     How do political parties and interest groups influence the governments of Iran and the United States?
6.     What is the Iranian and American government’s influence over mass media and how public opinion is formed?
7.     Discuss how theocracy affects Iran’s foreign policy interests regionally and globally, and how do they intersect with or confront American foreign policy interests?
  • Use the Turabian format.  Be sure to include a title page.
  • The paper should be 8-9 pages in length, not including the title page and reference section.
  • Reference academic journal articles and appropriate Internet sites.

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