Comparing First Movers In Technology – Intel and Microsoft

Intel and Microsoft stand out as pioneers of new technologies and have since reaped substantial first-mover advantages. Intel prides in inventing MCS-4 which consisted of a set of 4 chips where one of the chips was the world’s first microprocessor, 4004. The organization achieved this through the use of silicon gauge technology which was also a new technology (ChannelIntel, 2011). Microsoft on the other hand was the first inventor of three different technologies namely; evolution of natural user interface that allowed the computer to have human-like senses; Big data that allowed computers to organize large amounts of data using cloud search computing facility; and machine running that allowed computers to determine correlations from large data sets (Microsoft, 2012). Intel and Microsoft remain the first-movers in technology through these innovations.

Both Intel and Microsoft are likely to profit from their innovations because they have produced products that will help solve customer problems, and that will be purchased at high rates. For instance, customers wanted a CPU with a special purpose, integrated into three separate chips. Intel will be able to attract this group of customers with its MCS-4 which is a CPU with a special purpose, and that contains four separate chips integrated into a single and simple chip (ChannelIntel, 2011). Likewise, with its three innovations, Microsoft will attract huge numbers of customers especially those who wish to solve problems using computers, handle large volumes of data and those willing to identify correlations between data from large data sets ((Microsoft, 2012). The shifts in technology by Intel and Microsoft extend human intelligence in terms of communication, computing and control of functions. Additionally, they increase the roles and functions of computers, which have together revolutionized the structure of the industry, and increased profitability and growth internationally (ChannelIntel, 2011).

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