When Your Conscience Conflicts With the Law, Which Should You Obey?

ENGL 1113: English Composition I – Final Assessment

For this assignment, you are to construct an argument that takes an arguable/defendable position on one of the following topics. While this assignment is significantly shorter than Essay 4, your essay should be built upon a solid claim and present supporting evidence.


You may write about any of the following:

  • Should you share bad information with a friend? Why or why not?
  • When your conscience conflicts with the law, which should you obey?
  • If someone gives you something and you later find out that it’s worth a lot of money, do you have a moral obligation to give it back?
  • Is it ever right to lie for a greater good?


Your essay should display the following qualities:

  • Organization – a clear and logical organization of ideas
  • Development – your ideas and paragraphs should be thoroughly developed
  • Coherence – your writing should be clear and easily understood
  • Unity – all ideas should be connected to one another and the main idea
  • Grammar – you should use proper grammar in this essay and avoid common grammatical errors
  • Spelling – proofread and revise to ensure that there are no misspelled words in your essay

Additionally, your essay should contain the following parts:

  • An introduction that introduces the subject, gives sufficient background for a discussion of the subject, and states a claim that is both arguable and defendable
  • A body that is focused and organized, developing and supporting the overall claim
  • A conclusion that reiterates the claim and brings the essay to completion

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