Communications Audit Report

Select an organisation of your choice (the organisation where you work, an organisation that you are a member of, say a golf club, or society, your college, a restaurant, a shop, a bank, a voluntary organisation etc.)

For this organisation, conduct a communications audit to examine and investigate the quality of communications within the firm. How are the systems, both formal and informal, serving the organisations’ stakeholders (employees, management, customers, etc.)?

Write a business report detailing your findings on how effective communications are in the organisation and what you would suggest to improve communications in this case.

  • Report Reader/Audience:  The board of management of the organisation.
  • Report Objective: To identify to the board what is working well, and where problems are, with organisational communications, and to obtain board approval for recommended improvements.
  • Deliverable: A Business Report regarding the effectiveness of Communications in the Organisation (40% of total assessment marks awarded).

General Requirements for Students:

  1.  A proportion of assessment marks is allocated to presentation. All assignments must be word-processed, with word count noted unless otherwise stated by the lecturer.
  2. Where a hardcopy submission is required, an Assignment Submission Form must be securely attached to each submission.
  3. When submitting online, assignmentsmust be submitted no later than the stated deadline.
  4. All relevant provisions of the Assessment Regulations must be complied with.
  5. Extensions to assignment submission deadlines will be not be granted, other than in exceptional circumstances. To apply for an extension please go to and download the Assignment Extension Request Form.
  6. Students are required to retain a copy of each assignment submitted, and the submission receipt (If a physical submission is required) until the issuing of a transcript indicating the mark awarded.
  7. Assignments must be appropriatelypackaged and presented.
  8. Where a submission involves digital media, it is the submitting students’ responsibility to ensure the media is appropriately labelled, fully working and they mustretain a copy.
  9. Assignments that exceed the word count will be penalised.
  10. Students are required to refer to the assessment regulations in their Student Guides and on the Student Website.
  11. Dublin Business School penalises students who engage in academic impropriety (i.e. plagiarism, collusion and/or copying). Please refer to the attached referencing guidelines for information on correct referencing.

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