Consumer Incentives in the Health Care Sector – Nursing Home Facility

Assignment Instructions

Imagine that you run a nursing home facility in your area. Analyze and comment on the role public policy has in the economic aspect of running this type of health services center. Compare and contrast the economic challenges and incentives this type of health care model presents. What are some of the ways in which you could inform or signal potential consumers that your nursing home is of high quality? Evaluate the social-cultural issues that influence the consumers of this type of health service. Which of your proposed methods are most apt to be reliable signals that significantly communicate to consumers so they are able to make more informed decisions?

 Sample Answer

The essay demystifies the concept of consumer incentives in the health care sector. The main role of public policy in this case is to ensure the provision of quality, professional, timely and up to date healthcare services. This is implemented through monitoring, forecasting and evaluation of healthcare problems like the demand and consumption of the healthcare services and thereafter restructuring and recommendations for the above problems.

The main challenges and incentives that may accrue within this case scenario is customer expectation or perspective on quality of care as compared to the actual standards of care given by the nursing home ((Engel, Hoyweghen and Krumeich, 2014)). Customer satisfaction will be affected if their expected requirements is not met yet it’s the facility’s policy to provide service as so. The most appropriate incentive is the improvement of quality of care and keeping individuals healthier for longer. The other is coming up with cost containment policies that use financial incentives to alter patients’ perspective. However, efforts to control costs should not bring about preventable reduction in quality of care.

Some of the ways of informing or signalling potential consumers about the high quality of services at the nursing home is first, by laying out the types and quality of medical services provided ((Engel et al. 2014). These services should be of high quality. Secondly, the number of patients or cases treated, possibly differentiated according to the varied types of diseases. Finally is public relations and customer care. This leads to customer satisfaction and provides a comfortable and conducive environment especially for patients.

Social cultural-issues describe the systems’ capacity to offer to enable delivery of care to people with diverse behaviours, beliefs as well as values including altering delivery to meet their social, cultural as well as language needs ((Engel et al. 2014) . Some of the issues that influence the consumers of this type of health service include; poor system’s design that limit its capacity to meet the needs of diverse patients’ population, non-diverse management and workforce of the nursing home. Essential to note, also, are inconsistencies in communication between providers of health care and patients of varied racial/ethnic, and/or cultural backgrounds.

In conclusion, the most apt or reliable signal that will communicate to consumers so that they make informed decision is the use public relations and customer care to relay information on the quality and timeliness of services.

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