Consumption Process – Medicated Soap


“Consumption process is a process that converts time and goods, services or ideas into value.” ( the purpose of this research paper,  I have selected a product (Medicated Soap) used for skins disease e.g. acne, pimples etc. the complete consumption process in respect of medicated soap is discussed below:-


The consumption process starts from need of the product by the consumer and it is clear the all product are not the need of all consumers. Every consumer is in need of specific product it depends on the circumstances of the consumer. In this case, a medicated soap in only a need of persons with the specific skin disease healthy people usually consume beauty soap and further, it depends upon the prescription of the doctor if he recommends the use of such soap or not (


It is assumed that a patient is recommended for the use of medicated soap, now the consumer is in the position to decide whether he want this product or not and it depends on the evaluation of many factors e.g. resources of consumer, willingness of the consumer to use the product, level of disease, price of the product etc (

Market research

Market research includes the list of all manufacturers of the products, the reputation of the manufacturers, the consumers review about the use of the product the advertisements number of different factors will lead him choose some products and compare with each other and to decide which one of them he wants .

Alternative Selection

Market investigation will help the consumer to select the best product and to know about the best alternatives available in case he is unable to purchase the desired product (


Comparison is an important phase before deciding the want of the product n this phase the consumer will compare the chosen medicated soaps in different dimensions. First of all consumer will compare the prices of the soaps he may select the cheap one or expensive one depends on the nature / resources of the consumers. The product is disease related he may not compromise upon the quality and the high quality will lead to high price or the income resources may lead him to choose the cheaper product or may lead him to simply ignore all the products and decide not to purchase any.

Purchase Expectations

In the mean time somewhere, in the brain consumer start to expect the desired results from the use of the product which is the result of his intelligent purchase. In this regard we can say that the consumer of the skin disease will start expecting that the product is high quality and produced by the reputed manufacturer it will definitely help him to kill the disease. The more the high price is paid the more the quality is purchased the more the expectation will be in the mind of the consumer (

Cost / Benefit Analysis

During the use of the product, the consumer keep doing an analysis and compare its use with expected benefits, its price and the resulting benefits. At a point, he will decide whether the cost of the product paid is greater than the benefit derived from it or vice versa. This will lead the consumer in further thinking depends upon the type of product he purchased e.g. if the product was expensive and its benefits are low the consumer will be highly dissatisfied, in other case if the consumer has purchased a cheaper product and it derived low benefit he may decide to purchase the expensive one.


This is post-consumption phase the consumer after comparing the cost its benefit and the imagined expectations will either be satisfied by the use of the product or will be dissatisfied this phase will decide the future of the product in the mind of the consumer whether he needs it more or not (


After purchasing the product its use and derived benefits the consumer evaluates the product and try to guess whether the decision was intelligent or he has been robbed this phase creates the value of the product in the mind of the consumer.


This is the last phase after going through the above-mentioned process if the purchased product has benefitted the consumer in the way he expected the value of the product will be high otherwise it will be lower depending upon this value the consumer will take following three decisions about the product.

  1. The consumer will ignore the product in case of low value.
  2. The consumer will keep the product but will keep looking for the best alternatives in case of medium value.
  3. The consumer will be highly satisfied and will be motivated to repurchase the product in case of high value(

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