Core Values of American government

  1. What are the core values of American government. Also, discuss the limits and power of these values.

The core values of the American government are the fundamental beliefs that unite all Americans. These values include patriotism, popular sovereignty, truth, diversity, equality, justice, common good, the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life. The core values of the American government have got limits and powers. As far as patriotism is concerned, all citizens are expected to display devotion to the United States as a country. This must include all the principles upon which the country depends (Patterson, 2007). The value of popular sovereignty requires all people to ultimate authority over public officials, the state, as well as the state’s policies. Again, citizens must demand to be told the truth by the government. The United States citizens are expected to embrace diversity and avoid discrimination on the basis of lifestyle, sex, age, gender, beliefs, race, and ethnic background (Janda et al., 2009).

As far as equality is concerned, all people in the United States have political, legal social and economic equality. They are not denied these rights unless by due legal processes. The value of justice requires that all citizens of the United States be treated equally and fairly in regards to correction of wrongs, receiving benefits, job allocation, and decision making. Under the value of common good, all individuals must understand that they have an obligation to work with others and promote the well being of the society. Additionally, every United States citizen has the right to the pursuit of happiness, liberty, and life. However, the right to the pursuit of happiness is guaranteed only if they do not interfere with others. Moreover, a person’s right to life can only be ignored in extreme circumstances such as when a person has to apply deadly force to protect his life (Janda et al., 2009).

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